Our Concept

Our Simple Notion

CancerBiz is devoted to directly aiding and promoting the enterprises of cancer survivors, patients and caregivers. There are many effective causes and ways to indirectly assist in the fight against cancer such as charities, benefits, walks, etc. 

However, CancerBiz allows you to locate and directly contact businesses or services, operated by cancer survivors, patients, and/or caregivers, who specialize in exactly the trade you need. Further, you can shop on an international basis, and directly purchase products sold, created or manufactured by cancer survivors, patients or caregivers. 

Buyers/supporters can search for vendors by geographical location, by category of business/service, by product, or by cancer type. 
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All CancerBiz vendors are screened and verified as survivors, patients or caregivers and owners or partners of a trade or venture. Therefore, you will be directly engaged with, and buying from, cancer survivors, patients and/or caregivers.  Put your money to work for them in the most effective way possible; help them succeed in their business ventures and buy for hope and prosperity!

While there are many support groups and organizations which help cancer survivors, patients or caregivers through the emotional and physical toll cancer can inflict on a person, there are few forums which promote and aid the enterprises they operate, or the services or products they offer. Through CancerBiz we all can directly support survivors, patients and caregivers as they carry on with their lives during and after the fight against cancer.

Our Integrity

Cancer survivors, patients, and caregivers submit their information (Add Your Business), which is subject to a verification process. Once verified as a vendor, survivors, patients or caregivers can develop their CancerBiz page to promote their business, service or product. Our annual fee, for vendors, is extremely nominal and equates to dollars per month; a concept conducive to the sincerity of CancerBiz. Buyers/supporters can peruse and shop the pages of CancerBiz with no cost and no membership sign-up.

Our Beginning

Jay Lefevers, the founder of CancerBiz.com, is a businessman, a baseball coach, and a two time survivor after experiences with a brain tumor (Hermangiopertcytoma) and cancer (Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma). He is also the author of "Cancer on the Brain," a memoir. "Cancer on the Brain" is the true story of his battles with a brain tumor and then cancer, while running a business, being a husband and father, and coaching an inner-city Little League team to baseball victory. In 2013, the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, the nation's largest independent book awards organization, selected "Cancer on the Brain" as a 2013 general nonfiction finalist.

Cancer on the Brain Book
As a business owner and two time survivor, Jay experienced the challenges of operating and maintaining a business, while encountering endless streams of medical expenses, not just once, but twice. His simple request was for his employees and clients to stick with him, and merely continue doing business.

CancerBiz was established to promote "business as usual" for all cancer survivors, patients and caregivers, and to provide hope and prosperity for their ventures, enabling them not only to survive the endless stream of medical bills but also for them to thrive in their endeavors.

Jay's Cancer Story

His health struggles did not impact Jay's passions for either baseball or business. While coaching from 2005 through 2007 Jay endured a seven hour brain surgery, followed by 5 weeks of daily radiation, and 2 subsequent brain surgeries to tackle complications and remove the brain tumor. Nevertheless, in 2007, his Little League team advanced through championship games to become one of 11 Arizona teams that qualified for the state tournament.

In 2008 he was diagnosed with Lymphoma and Jay encountered numerous biopsies and 6 months of chemotherapy, followed by, yet again, 5 weeks of daily radiation. However, in 2008, his company, Lefevers Viewpoint Group, Inc. was named to Inc. magazine's "Inc. 5000" list - recognized as being one of the fastest growing companies in America. From 2010 to 2013, Lefevers Viewpoint was named as the second-highest ranking top commercial real estate appraisers firm by the Phoenix Business Journal.

Jay merged his company with CBRE in June 2014.  He and his wife, Lyn, currently reside in Phoenix. They have three adult children: Briana, Adam and Olivia. A movie buff, Jay invests in Hollywood films, including the 2014 animated film "The Hero of Color City," 2011's "Another Happy Day" starring Ellen Barkin and Demi Moore, and the 2017 animated film "Bunyan and Babe."

"Cancer on the Brain" is available in hardcover and e-formats at Barnes & Noble stores throughout the country, on Amazon.com, and at canceronthebrain.com.  Follow Jay on Facebook at facebook.com/CancerontheBrainbyJayLefevers and on Twitter at twitter.com/COTBbook
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