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On the Other Side
Emotional Support to Cancer Patients & Survivors
Eagan, MN 55122
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On the Other Side provides emotional support to cancer patients and survivors. I do not want anyone to feel like they are alone and misunderstood. I use my experience and ongoing learning to help others conquer the challenges of cancer, its diagnosis, its treatment, and the “secret” side effects that are not usually discussed. Some of the BENEFITS that I provide as a cancer doula: 1. I serve as a skilled doula and support person who understands and is FOCUSED on cancer patients and their families. I am dedicated to LISTENING and ENGAGING with you to help address your needs. 2. I save you time, effort, and energy by doing the research to find information about your type of cancer and the treatments that are recommended by your doctor, resources available, etc. This will prevent you from drowning in information. 3. I help to bridge the communication gap between you, your oncologist and healthcare team … .therefore, maximizing your time in short doctor visits. 4. I help you understand your cancer treatment and survivorship plans so that you can take control of your health and make informed decisions. 5. I help you feel more satisfied with your quality of life in recovery by providing techniques to manage your emotions, reduce fear, and create peace of mind. 6. I help pick up the pieces after your cancer treatments are complete. Let’s figure out what is next and how to get there because there is LIFE during and AFTER cancer! Please feel free to call, text, or email me.

My Cancer Story

Talaya Dendy - On the Other Side Talaya Dendy - Cancer Doula, Owner
I am a nine-year Cancer Thriver. I overcame Hodgkins Lymphoma, which included enduring chemotherapy and radiation treatments and the ups and downs of cancer. While going through my cancer journey, I noticed that there was a gap. Something was missing. I had a great oncologist and healthcare team. However, once I left the doctor’s office, there was not a whole lot of emotional support. Although I had the support of my family, they had a hard time understanding what I was feeling. I want to help others take care of the emotional side of cancer. I founded On the Other Side to bridge the gap between the emotional and medical sides of cancer. As a cancer doula, I provide personalized support that addresses navigational, educational, and practical needs of people living with cancer.


On the Other Side - Gallery Photo 1 What is a cancer doula?

On the Other Side - Gallery Photo 2 Getting out in the community and supporting Light the Night 2019.

On the Other Side - Gallery Photo 3 The Chemo Companion is an activity book that I created for cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. It was created to help take their mind off of the treatment and get their creative juices flowing.

On the Other Side - Gallery Photo 4 Client Testimonial

http://ontheotherside.life < To learn more and purchase from this vendor click the link to the left.

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