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Our online guided journals are designed to help you through the most challenging, but also victorious parts of your cancer treatment and beyond. There is a journal for caregivers, breast cancer patients, family and friends who care for those with cancer and much more. The platform allows you to write through your feelings, anxieties and fears without judgement. Guided journaling prompts created by experts in the field of oncology, psychology and self-help professionals create an experience that is healing and substantive. Freeform journaling and everyday journaling challenges are also included. This is your moment, start writing your story today.

My Cancer Story

Christine Bergsma - Journaling Through Christine Bergsma - Owner
Soon after Christine met her husband, it was evident that the loss of his mother due to breast cancer still lingered decades after she passed away. The dynamics of a family surviving such a tragedy proved to be a difficult road for an outsider. Strong family pathologies were created to deal with the loss of a mother, a sister, a daughter and a wife. With the birth of Christine and her husband's second child, who happens to look a lot like her husband's late mother, the family was able to come together as one. They were able to let go of past hurts and replaced it with the strong bond of a true and happy family. Christine created a series of expertly written guided journals to help women with breast cancer as well as the families and friends who offer support to those with any cancer through this most stressful and challenging event.


Journaling Through - Gallery Photo 1 Professional Caregiver Journal

Journaling Through - Gallery Photo 2 Breast Cancer Journal Support Journal for friends and family of someone with cancer (Any type of cancer)

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