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Anchor AnimalsĀ® are stuffed animals with a message of encouragement. They are designed to bring hope and comfort to children with cancer. Each uniquely embroidered stuffed animal features an inspirational word that relates to the animal's nature, characteristics or natural expression.

My Cancer Story

Cathy Fasano - Inspirationals, LLC Cathy Fasano - Founder
In September of 2017 my husband was diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma, stage III. He had a right nephrectomy and was under "wait and watch" treatment for one year. He had CT scans every 3 months of his chest, abdomen and pelvis. After one year's time, his chest CT showed indication that RCC spread to the lymph nodes in his lungs. A biopsy was done and this was confirmed. He began immunotherapy treatment intravenously immediately for metastatic RCC stage IV. We went for his infusions for 3 months. After that time, chest CT showed the lymph nodes grew. His dosage was increased and we continued infusions for 2 more months. After that a chest CT scan was done, as well as abdomen and pelvis CT. Chest CT revealed no further enlargement/growth of lymph nodes thank God. But pelvis CT showed another tumor had grown in his left and only kidney, and additional MRI gave detail that tumor also is in the renal vein. He has been experiencing increased pain and is taking medication to manage that pain. God has a plan. I know he does. Every day we both strive to keep our heads in a positive place, to keep our peace, and to increase our faith by praying to God for Jim's healing. I believe the mind and soul, spirit and heart, have the power to heal the body. That's why I created these inspirational stuffed animals. But now I am living, breathing and facing the challenge daily and I want to provide as much comfort and loving support as I can to children. And my prayer is that I will.


Inspirationals, LLC - Gallery Photo 1 The "R.E.A.C.H." Giraffe "Remember Every Animal Carries Hope" A giraffe's long neck helps him to reach the higher leaves on a tree.. lift your head high and REACH!

Inspirationals, LLC - Gallery Photo 2 The "H.U.G." Bear "Hearts Unconditionally Giving" A bear hug is a strong hearty embrace... wrap your arms around someone and HUG!

Inspirationals, LLC - Gallery Photo 3 The "F.L.Y." Butterfly "Fully Love Yourself" A butterfly changes it's form to fly and become something beautiful... spread your wings and FLY! < To learn more and purchase from this vendor click the link to the left.

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A very effective marketing tool.

- Fred Staples

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