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THE BETTER BOOK The planner designed to help patients and care givers dealing with long term illnesses stay organized, connected, and healthy. STAY ORGANIZED Keep track of important dates, billing, and appointment details all in one place. The Better Book provides six months worth of weekly agenda pages to keep you organized on the road to recovery. STAY CONNECTED Contacting your doctor has never been easier. No more searching for business cards or notes made on your phone. Keep your doctors names, locations, phone numbers, and emails all in one place. In an emergency, having the information you need is key. Finding it quickly means getting better quickly. STAY HEALTHY Our symptom tracker and medication charts keep you in tune with your body. Being able to review how you feel daily, weekly, and monthly can reveal patterns you might not otherwise have noticed. A "How was this week?" no longer requires a general and fuzzy response. Pinpoint your symptoms and prescriptions for better tracking and choices. Book includes sections for Personal Contact Information, Doctor Contact Information, Prescription Log, Important Dates Chart, Appointment Notes, Questions Log, Bills and Payment, Support Log, 6 months of Weekly Tracker, and Daily Journal Pages.

My Cancer Story

Jessica Walker - Better + Co. Jessica Walker - Owner
My husband was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer in October 2017. As of May 2018, he has been declared cancer-free! I have used my position as a caregiver to create a planner to help patients and other caregivers stay organized during their fight.


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Fantastic idea!

- Tim Lee

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