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The SHOWER SHIRT™ is a durable, waterproof type, “jacket” with unlimited shelf life. The product can withstand repeated use, and is machine washable. All perimeters have elastic to fit snuggly against the skin on the arms, waist and neck. Additionally, it has a “turtle-neck” feature lined with micro-fiber (to absorb any water drops), a Velcro strap, and a drawstring under the jaw line to assure an extra tight fit around the neck. It has a front zipper with a weather flap and capped sleeves. Equally unique, it has drain pockets to host drain bulbs; and Velcro loops that support the wrapping and holding of the drain tubes. The product extends two to four inches below the breast line. It fits loosely across the chest, torso and under-arms to avoid pressure on drains sites and surgical areas. In addition to mastectomy and hemodialysis patients, the product can be used by individuals with the following conditions: • Patients with Catheters (niagra, new tunnel and tesio) • Savi Catheters - for radiation (mammosite procedures) • Patients w/ lumpectomies with sentinel-node dissection • Abdominal Hernia patients with drains • Patients w/ wound vacs, infusion pumps and external catheters • Central lines • Lung surgery & cardio-thoracic • Rotator Cuff patients • Bariatric patients • ‘Tummy Tuck’ patients • External Defibrillator patients • Life Vest Cardiac patients • Neuro-Stimulation patients • Bone-Marrow transplant • Chemo-pump and pace-maker battery change patients

My Cancer Story

Lisa Crites - The SHOWER SHIRT Co., LLC Lisa Crites - Principle/Inventor
The SHOWER SHIRT®, the first and only patented, water-resistant garment to protect mastectomy/chest surgery patients while showering was invented by Lisa Crites after breast cancer and mastectomy surgery. After returning home from the hospital, Lisa was required to shower in a plastic trash bag to protect her surgical drain sites. She designed, manufactured, and now distributes The SHOWER SHIRT both domestic and internationally. Lisa is a former broadcast journalist, current healthcare consultant and media strategist with more than 27 years of experience in health/medical journalism. A guest speaker, print columnist, blogger and entrepreneur, Lisa was the health/medical television reporter, weekend anchor for Central Florida News 13 in Orlando. Her background in television also includes anchoring at America’s Health Network at Universal Studios Florida, reporting for ‘Success Central Florida’ on WKMG Local 6, Orlando’s CBS affiliate, and reporting for the Travel Channel. Lisa consults with Gannett News Service as a broadcast media coach and works for both CNTV and NADA-TV as a medical correspondent. Lisa and The SHOWER SHIRT® product have been featured on CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX News, and in both FORBES Magazine and The Huffington Post; awarded a national InnovateHer Award from the SBA, Microsoft & Washington Post. along with a Patient Innovation Award from the University of Portugal School of Business and Economics for the one of a kind water-resistant shower garment.


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