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pH BALANCE SKINCARE, founded by Aniko Peterson in New Jersey, July 2016, was developed with the philosophy that natural, pH balanced products are vitally important to properly treat the skin of those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. The “pH” in pH BALANCE SKINCARE stands for “Preferred Healing”, as this line is the preferred choice of skincare products to heal the unique skincare needs and concerns related to cancer treatments. ******* "CancerBiz" ******* To my Warriors and Survivor sisters, I'd like to extend my appreciation and love by giving all of you a special discount code for 20% off your entire order, by entering discount code: CancerBiz at checkout on my website Thank you all for your Love and Support!

My Cancer Story

Aniko Peterson - pH Balance Skincare Aniko Peterson - CEO
When I was 26 years old, I noticed a lump near my breast. I had already lost my grandmother, a survivor of internment in a Soviet work camp during World War II, someone I thought was invincible, to Breast Cancer. I immediately went to the doctor. Fortunately, the lump was a benign cyst. A few weeks later I began experiencing excruciating pain in my abdomen. Again, I went to the doctors. They removed my appendix, only to discover a week later that it was not the cause of my pain. The doctors finally discovered that I had Stage III Cervical Cancer. I needed to be operated on immediately. I was a single mother, struggling to support my son and I, slowly losing hope. But my grandmother taught me that despite how hard life is, as long as you believe in what can be, you can survive. After a hysterectomy and additional treatment, I beat cancer. I beat cancer for my son, for my grandmother, and for me. I now dedicate my life to helping others beat the awful disease.


pH Balance Skincare - Gallery Photo 1 Benefits -Created for use on both face and body leaving skin feeling soft, fresh and clean. -Effectively removes make up and surface impurities -Designed to prevent dry or irritated skin conditions from traditional daily cleansing -Nourishes, replenishes, softens and repairs

pH Balance Skincare - Gallery Photo 2 Product Description: This concentrated treatment cream dramatically relieves the skin related effects of cancer treatments as well as eczema, psoriasis, and other sensitive and compromised skin conditions. This is called the "Emergency Response" of the pH Balanced Skincare system.

pH Balance Skincare - Gallery Photo 3 Benefits: -Counteracts extreme dryness and protects skin from dehydration due to cancer treatments. -Calms, soothes and reduces inflammation -Neutralizes and protects skin from free radical damage -Inhibits bacteria and helps prevent infections -Facilitates healthy skin function and healing

pH Balance Skincare - Gallery Photo 4 The pH Balance Skincare system is primarily formulated for the most sensitive, compromised skin conditions, specifically related to oncology treatment effects on skin. All products are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and precisely pH Balanced to maintain healthy skin. < To learn more and purchase from this vendor click the link to the left.

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Fantastic idea!

- Tim Lee

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