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Christina Garcia
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I make Cancer Caps, it is a mix & match pieces where you choose the color of the cap and choose ribbons to match the cap. The cap is made of special fabric to absorb sweating and the ribbons are long enough to be styled in different ways. You can have fun in personalizing your cancer cap, choose from different styles and colors. Cancer Caps are an alternative look from beanies and wigs. I want to help women feel better and know that they are not alone in their journey.

My Cancer Story

Christina Garcia - Christina Garcia Christina Garcia - CEO
I was 27 years old when I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I was the first one in my family and circle of friends to be diagnosed with Cancer. The diagnosis came 3 days before Thanksgiving; I remember my Oncologist said this to me and my parents; "You will have 6 rounds of chemo, possibly 1 month of radiation, we will cross that bridge when we get there and then you will be done and celebrating somewhere nice." My parents and I held on to his plan/words. I began treatment on 12/10/12, started losing my hair on Christmas Eve and shaved my head on 01/02/13, after seeing my first bald spot. During my 3rd round of chemo, I had bronchitis, but got through it. After my last chemo, i started a month of radiation and after a month, my family and I went to Hawaii to celebrate the end of a hard time. After our trip, I had mt Pet CT scan and was told that my cancer shrunk and I was in remission. Thank the Lord! Since then I see my oncologist twice a year and now I want to help the cancer warriors. I thank God that I had my family and friends to support me.


Christina Garcia - Gallery Photo 1 The cancer cap comes in different colors; red, blue and black. It goes well with a Wonder Woman ribbon which can be styled in different ways. It is chic looking while showing strength and empowerment

Christina Garcia - Gallery Photo 2 This beautiful girl is wearing a red cap with a blue anchor ribbon. The cap can be worn forwards or backwards, giving you the chance to style the ribbon in different styles. The cap is a one size fits all for adults.

Christina Garcia - Gallery Photo 3 Vivacious_Hope making its debut at the Relay For Life, Burbank event in 2016. This picture displays cap and ribbons that women could choose from. Proceeds from the caps to the Relay for Life

Christina Garcia - Gallery Photo 4 Left is the Executive Creator and on the right is the CEO of Vivacious_Hope. Both helped women find the right cap and ribbon and showed support for the women and their families. < To learn more and purchase from this vendor click the link to the left.

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