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Red Fern Lingerie
PO Box 175
Coogee, NSW 2034
+61 407 359 751 < To learn more and purchase from this vendor click the link to the left.

Red Fern strives to create beautiful and luxurious lingerie. We aim to help women who have experienced breast cancer reconnect with their femininity, and to simply feel sexy and confident. The spirit of Red Fern Lingerie was started by Tina Doueihi, a breast cancer survivor. Tina was 37 years old when she was diagnosed in 2008. After surgery, Tina attended a specialty mastectomy boutique to be fitted for a bra and was horrified at the limited range available. Everything was clinical and functional. There were no sexy styles, no modern designs or any colour besides beige. The seed was planted during that fitting to do something and a few years later, Red Fern Lingerie was born. The lingerie created is stylish, modern, feminine and sexy. They are also functional with a discreet cotton pocket lining for an optional prosthetic. All models used in Red Fern Lingerie’s campaigns are real sexy survivors®. We choose to use real sexy survivors® because we want our brand to be real and to speak to our customers. All our bras are wire-free and bone-free for extra comfort. Red Fern Lingerie is a proud Australian brand.

My Cancer Story

Tina Doueihi - Red Fern Lingerie Tina Doueihi - Founder and Creator
I was 37 years old when I was diagnosed with breast cancer; despite no family history of the disease. I was the 1 in 8 statistic. My treatment was surgery (mastectomy and immediate reconstruction), chemotherapy and tamoxifen. During my first bra fitting after surgery, I was unimpressed with the extreme limited designs available to women who had breast cancer surgery. Everything was clinical, functional and beige. There was no life in the lingerie, no style, and they were not sexy. It was in this moment the seed was planted to make a change in mastectomy lingerie and a few years later, Red Fern Lingerie was born. I strongly believe in giving back to the community that gave me so much during treatment and up to the present day. I am an Ambassador and member of the speakers’ bureau for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. I speak at events to raise awareness of the disease and funds for the work of the foundation. I am also a member of the review and survey group for the Breast Cancer Network Australia.


Red Fern Lingerie - Gallery Photo 1 Caitlin-Marie, CoralBright, is spirited and playful. Use your imagination on how you want to wear this set. The pop of coral print will definitely make you feel gorgeous. Add some bright lipstick and you are set for your day. This set is also available in CoralBlack.

Red Fern Lingerie - Gallery Photo 2 Ava is bright and exciting, seeking to live her life in the brightest and most colourful way. Feel energized to start your day where anything is possible and make your dreams come true. This set is available in Sapphire Blue and Ruby Pink.

Red Fern Lingerie - Gallery Photo 3 Stella is the star selection if you seek basics with style. Step out wearing Stella and you will feel like a shining star and sparkle all day long. This set is available in Radiant Beige and Midnight Black.

Red Fern Lingerie - Gallery Photo 4 All our bras are pocketed and lined in cotton to securely fit a breast prosthesis. All our bras are wire-free and bone-free. All our bras have matching briefs. < To learn more and purchase from this vendor click the link to the left.

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