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Cindy Birne Public Relations,LLC
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Publicist, Representative for Author, Speaker Ilse Anderson, Say Yes to Life for guest speaker event bookings

My Cancer Story

Ilse Anderson - Cindy Birne Public Relations,LLC Ilse Anderson - Author
Summary: Ilse Anderson was on the cusp of her new life, traveling the world, growing as an artist, and exploring new avenues of spirituality. She was soaring into a bright, cloudless future, and then, on May 22, 2015, her doctor informed her she had stage four oral cancer. One month later, she underwent a three-quarter glossectomy and a tracheotomy. The ten-hour surgery involved cutting out most of her tongue and fashioning a new one from the tissue of her forearm. Cancerous lymph nodes were removed via an incision in her neck. She awoke from the surgery unable to swallow, speak, or move. And that was just the beginning. In the months that followed, Ilse was tested physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Throughout, she had the loving support of family and friends, an inner strength developed over years of spiritual seeking, a gifted energetic healer who prepared her for every new challenge, and a positive attitude she wielded like a secret weapon. With these powerful tools for survival in place, Ilse battled hopelessness and despair, transmuted the unbearable into the endurable, shed light into the darkest hour, rejected the temptation for resentments and regrets, and today, savors every step of her remarkable recovery. Ilse's story is an inspiration to anyone who has suffered setbacks in life. She shares the treasures she earned on her sojourn to the land of suffering and loss. “My M.O. is a positive attitude,” she says. “Practice gratitude, hold your loved ones close, banish negativity. Say yes to life.”


Cindy Birne Public Relations,LLC - Gallery Photo 1 Book Launch Party!!!

Cindy Birne Public Relations,LLC - Gallery Photo 2 Book Launch Party - Author Ilse Anderson with Dr. Eric S. Nadler, MD, Medical Oncologist

Cindy Birne Public Relations,LLC - Gallery Photo 3 Vital Minds Luncheon - Keynote Speaker Ilse Anderson with guest - presentation, audience Q&A, and book signing

Cindy Birne Public Relations,LLC - Gallery Photo 4 Author Ilse Anderson with book display celebrating delivery of her new book "Say Yes to Life" < To learn more and purchase from this vendor click the link to the left.

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